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Associated petroleum waters, as a promising source of lithium

International Journal of Petrochemical Science & Engineering
Kudryavtsev P,1 Kudryavtsev N2
Deputy Director for Research and Development, Israel
Kudryavtsev N, Polymate Ltd Israel Nanotechnology Research Center, Israel


In this paper, we attempted to estimate the size of mineral resources that are poor in lithium content. Due to possible depletion of existing resources, poor resources can become the most promising source of resources. Possible directions and prospects f lithium extraction from poor sources of raw materials, which are underground waters, associated oil waters. The directions for solving these problems are continued. Nowadays, hydro-mineral raw materials gradually become the main source of lithium. In view of complexity of the salt composition of hydro-mineral raw materials, the use of highly selective inorganic ion-exchange materials is the most promising method for recovery of lithium.


lithium, lithium resources, hydro-mineral raw materials, oil waters, extraction of lithium, inorganic, ion, exchange, materials, selective, lithium, roughly estimate, brines, potassium, magnesium, correlates, chloride-sodium, sulfate-potassium , chloride-potassium, rocks, solutions, capacities, extraction, halurgical, transformation