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IoT and IoE prototype for scalable infrastructures, architectures and platforms

International Robotics & Automation Journal
Farid Touati,1 Hasan Tariq,1 Mohammed A Al-Hitmi,1 Adel Ben Mnaouer,2 Anas Tahir,1 Damiano Crescini3
Qatar University


Internet of Things (IoT)is the third wave of economy after the first and second being agriculture and industry, respectively, paving the way for the fourth industrial revolution (4IR). IoT is a combination of all the revolutionary technologies in the last two centuries. More than a billion of smart devices have been developed across the world by more than 10 vendors to satisfy billions of needs that are trusted by 98% of economic actors. This study describes design and implementation of IoT architectures stressing on scalability, integration, and interoperability of heterogeneous IoT systems. It gives answers toi) how systems can be designed to become easily configurable and customizable for a specific IoT infrastructure? And ii) how Investors, producers and consumers can be integrated on the same page of an IoT platform? We have developed a master database and directories from top chart IoT nomenclature, frameworks, vendors, devices, platforms and architectures and gathered data from 27 big online resources commonly used by Forbes, Business week and CNBC. Also, datasheets of IoT equipment by vendors (e.g. Intel, IBM, ARM, Microchip, Schneider, and CISCO), used tools (e.g. Lab center Proteus, AutoCAD and Excel), and platforms (e.g. Visual Studio, Eclipse) are combined to build directories of plethora of data. The main outcome of this work culminates in providing a seamless solution and recommendations for various infrastructures (hardware and software), for effective and integrated resource utilization and management in an IoT perspective.


internet of everything, web of things, social-internet of things, internet of things, infrastructure, architectures