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How was the material world created? origin of its Nonlinear Electromagnetic Field (NEMF)

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Based on recent discoveries in astronomy and astrophysics, the article offers a model of creation of the material world and explains the origin of its NEMF, which plays essential role in the dynamic of the whole material world – alive and not alive. The model explains how the stars of a galaxy are born, what is the role of the dark rings at the periphery of the galaxies with limited lifespan, what kind of galaxies merge, and what kind of Black Holes merge. The offered model of creation of the material world, when combined with the information what kind of galaxies merge, takes us naturally to a cyclic Universe, in which the cycle of creation and expansion is followed by a cycle of contraction and destruction of the old disordered Universe, which needs to be sucked back in the Black Hole that created it and recycled, so that a new Universe in perfect order can be created.


Model of material world creation, origin and role of NEMF, birth of stars, role of galaxy’s dark ring, what kind of galaxies merge, hyperboloid cylinders, expanding and contracting universe, NEMF and alternative medicine