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The challenge of implant support prosthesis with a bony defect in the esthetic zone: a clinical report

Journal of Dental Health, Oral Disorders & Therapy
Emna Boudabous, Imen Kalghoum, Oumayma Mejri, Islem Ayechi, Zohra Nouira, Dalenda Hadyaoui, Belhassen Harzallah 


The replacement of a single incisor with an implant-supported prosthesis is considered as a professional challenge in daily practice. The aesthetic success of the restoration depends on several local and loco-regional factors that the practitioner must perfectly know. This article describes a 29 years old female patient who presented in the department of prosthodontics for the replacement of her lateral incisor and the restoration of her canine. After clinical and radiographic study, the minimal bone volume could only accommodate the placement of a narrow implant to support a ceramic incisor


anterior sector, esthetics, implant position, surgical procedures, connective tissue grafting