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Review study on aids and its relationship with socioeconomic conditions in one of the poorest states in Brazil

MOJ Women's Health
Consuelo Penha Castro Marques, José Carlos Gomes Patriots Neto, Debora Luana Ribeiro Pessoa, Flávia Rafaela Diógenes Ferreira, Letícia Soares Holanda, Hugo Leonardo Silva Corrêa, João Marcos Cordeiro Ribeiro Filho, Graziely De Sousa Absolon da Silva, Sueli de Souza Costa


In this work, an analysis was made of the incidence of AIDS and its relationship with the socioeconomic conditions of seropositive patients in the State of Maranhão, aiming to outline strategies for the treatment and prevention of the pathology, also contributing to the understanding of its epidemiology. The study is an integrative literature review, carried out from the search for scientific publications indexed in the database: SciELO, MEDLINE/PubMed, Lilacs and Government Portals. The following descriptors were used: HIV, Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome and Socioeconomic Factors. At the end of the searches, 20 publications met the eligibility criteria and were selected to compose the study.As a result of the information taken from the selected studies, it was noticed that HIV transmission in the State of Maranhão is also related to the socioeconomic, educational, cultural and environmental conditions of individuals, exerting a direct influence on the health and well-being of these people.The study shows that there is a link between the population living with AIDS and their living conditions. From this perspective, it is possible to identify the places in the region that have a higher prevalence of individuals with the aforementioned characteristics.


AIDS, HIV, socioeconomic conditions, epidemiology