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Implementation of services marketing strategies: case study in a passenger transportation company

MOJ Biology and Medicine
Jose Carlos Alves Roberto,<sup>1</sup> Victor da Silva Almeida<sup>2</sup>

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The esteemed work aims to propose a grounded and coherent solution to improve the services provided at Manaus Special Transport, which operates in the charter segment. The overall objective of the project is associated with attracting new customers from the analysis of service marketing. The specific objectives have the purpose of identifying the service marketing strategies used by the special transportation segment; To examine which practices can contribute to improving the organization’s reputation and to compose a service marketing package that matches the company’s size. The project came from the data survey provided by the organizational diagnosis where it was possible to identify the need to improve the marketing area, especially service marketing. Finally, it was concluded that with the quality tools: Diagram of Causes and Effects and the 5W2H can create a proposal appropriate to the size of the company studied, increasing quality and customer satisfaction.


strategy, transport by charter, services marketing