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Knowledge regarding dengue and its prevention in Morang district of Nepal

International Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Journal
<font face="Arial, Verdana"><span style="font-size: 13.3333px;">Bhupendra Barakoti,<sup>1 </sup>Aliza K C Bhandari<sup>2,3</sup></span></font>

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This cross-sectional study was carried out in Purbanchal University teaching hospital outpatient department among 175 respondents to assess the level of knowledge and awareness in dengue prevention. Nearly 53% of the respondents were aged ≤40 years. Similarly, more than half (61.7%) of the respondents were male. The mean score of knowledge was 5.41 ± 3.41 regarding dengue fever and 5.29 ± 3.34 regarding dengue prevention. More than half of the respondents had correct knowledge regarding the breeding season, common presentation, source of transmission and susceptibility of dengue fever however, very few knew about the drug of choice, route of transmission and specific symptoms like skin-rash, muscle pain, etc. It was also interesting to note that people were more aware regarding basic ways to prevent dengue like using mosquito bed nets, reducing source of stagnant water, using mosquito repellents, etc. than some modern techniques like window screening. Even though dengue is an epidemic people seem to have lower than average knowledge regarding its prevention hence, sufficient informational and educational materials must be made available to the public and community centers where maximum people can get it for enhancement of their knowledge on dengue and improve the good practice on dengue prevention.


knowledge, awareness, dengue, prevention, Nepal, Morang