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Knowledge, attitude and practice of traditional bone setting among adults Sudanese in Khartoum: a cross sectional study

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Introduction: Traditional Bone setting (TBS) has been practiced since ancient times in many countries mainly in the developing countries like Sudan. They belief that traditional bonesetters are better than orthopedic surgeons at fractures management. Objectives: To assess the knowledge, attitude, and practice of traditional bone setting treatment among adults Sudanese population in Khartoum. Methodology: This is A Cross sectional Household based study in Omdurman locality Al Arda, Khartoum state, Sudan. From August 2020 till April 2021. The data was collected using closed ended structural (interviewed) questionnaire. And was analyzed by SPSS Version 21, also Chi _square was used to test some association between dependent variables and independent variable. Conclusion: Seeking TBS present a huge part of the health seeking behaviors in Sudan which plays a major role in health outcomes and quality of life of the community. Many responders seek those practice and even believe in their ability to fix many medical concerns. Recommendations: The ministry of health should create clear guidelines indicates what should be done by traditional bone setters or formal healthcare system. Sudan needs formal training to improve quality of services and the outcomes of TBS treatment.


traditional bone setters, adults, knowledge attitude, practice