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Obstetric outcome after ultrasound guided transvaginal radiofrequency ablation of uterine myomas

Obstetrics & Gynecology International Journal
Santalla-Hernández Angel, Manzanares Sebastián, Naveiro-Fuentes Mariña, López-Criado María Setefilla, Fernández-Parra Jorge

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Purpose: The objective is to report the obstetric outcome of 8 pregnancies with uterine fibroids who conceived after RFA.
Methods: A study was conducted on 115 women with symptomatic uterine fibroids undergoing transvaginal RFA using a bipolar radiofrequency generator and an internally cooled electrode. Data on pregnancies and outcomes were collected.
Results: After the procedure, eight pregnancies occurred. Fibroid volume reduction exceeded 50% in half of the patients, with an average reduction rate of 43%. Six resulted in live births, with a cesarean section rate of 2/3, one in an ectopic pregnancy, and one in a miscarriage. Pregnancy complications were limited, and all newborns showed normal development.
Conclusion: Minimally invasive ultrasound-guided RFA is effective in shrinking the myomas and may not carry an obstetric risk. Although the number of reported cases is low, no obstetric complications specifically associated with transvaginal radiofrequency ablation of uterine fibroids have been observed.


radiofrequency ablation, transvaginal, myomas, obstetric outcomes