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Prospective Management of Isqate Ehtemali (Threatened Abortion) - A Systematic Review Analysis

Journal of Pediatrics & Neonatal Care
Aysha Raza,1 Tabassum K2


In Unani System of Medicine Threatened abortion is called Isqat Ehtemali and Ajhaze manzar are the Arabic vernacular of Threatened abortion. It is defined as vaginal bleeding before 20 weeks gestational age in the setting of a positive urine and/or blood pregnancy test with a closed cervical os, without passage of products of conception and without evidence of a fetal or embryonic demise. In unani system of medicine Plants have been used extensively in unani system of medicine to maintain the health of female reproductive system. These have been used mostly in combination or monotherapy. Much of the scientific interest has been directed towards prevention of abortion. The herbs often used in the prevention of threatened abortion are Ashok chal, Mazu, Mayan etc. This review paper highlighted on unani concept of Threatened abortion, its prevention and management with unani medicine.


Isqat Ehtemali, Ajhaze manzar, threatened abortion, prevention, unani drugs, management