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Reasons of ball lightning levitation

Physics & Astronomy International Journal
Anatoly I Nikitin  

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Descriptions of observations of the movement of ball lightning down from the cloud and up to the cloud are given. Based on this, it was concluded that it has a positive charge. The case was considered when ball lightning resisted the action of the wind due to attraction to the cloud. Examples of ball lightning “hovering” at a certain height above the ground are described. To explain this, a hypothesis was proposed about formation in the space between ball lightning and the conductor a cloud of clusters having a charge of the same sign as the charge of ball lightning. This idea was tested experimentally. It is shown that the process of formation of a “cloud” of charges near ball lightning can be the reason for the existence of groups of ball lightning associated with each other. Examples of descriptions of ball lightning movement near a flying aircraft and inside its cabin are given. An explanation of these events is given.


ball lightning, motion, charge, levitation over conductors, groups of ball lightning