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Implementation of preventive maintenance routines and the “zero breakdowns by base condition” methodology in an organization

MOJ Applied Bionics and Biomechanics
Claudiney Gomes, Jhonatan Soares, Joventino Lucio, Leandro Ribeiro, Raphael Augusto Parreiras Gallegos, Rarisson Gonçalves

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This work has the general objective of maximizing the availability and reliability of industrial equipment, reducing the frequency and severity of failures. To achieve this objective, two specific strategies will be implemented: preventive maintenance routines and the “Zero Breakdown by Base Condition” methodology. The implementation of preventive maintenance routines consists of establishing a systematic program of inspections, lubrication, adjustments and replacement of components before failures occur. This proactive approach allows you to identify and correct potential equipment problems, preventing them from becoming critical and causing unscheduled interruptions in production. The best maintenance intervals will be studied, taking into account the characteristics and requirements of each equipment, as well as the analysis of data from previous failures. In addition, the “Zero break by base condition” methodology will be implemented. This approach involves continuous monitoring of equipment conditions using data analysis techniques. The objective is to identify abnormal patterns of operation that may indicate the potential for imminent failure. Based on this information, maintenance can be scheduled appropriately and in advance, avoiding unexpected breakdowns. Various monitoring techniques will be explored, such as vibration analysis, thermography and oil analysis, to obtain a comprehensive view of the equipment condition. The study will be carried out in a specific industry, where data will be collected on the availability and reliability of equipment before and after implementing the proposed strategies. Statistical analyzes will be carried out to evaluate the effectiveness of preventive maintenance routines and the “Zero Breakdown by Base Condition” methodology in reducing failures and increasing equipment availability. It is expected that this work will contribute to the development of more efficient and reliable maintenance practices, promoting the improvement of production processes and reducing costs associated with failures and unscheduled stops. Maximizing equipment availability and reliability will have a direct impact on the efficiency and competitiveness of the industry under study.


preventive maintenance, zero breakage by base condition, asset management, maintenance costs