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Osteoid osteoma total resection at frontal bone. case report

International Journal of Family & Community Medicine
Juan A Ricciardi V,1 Yubisay Avariano,2 Garwin Calles2

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Frontal osteomas are benign neoformations, which often remain asymptomatic throughout a patient’s life or develop a cosmetic disfigurement. Diagnosis is usually by chance, and can result from various stimuli, such as accidental or surgical trauma, acne scars, and skin tumors, however in the absence of currently known triggering factors. Case report: 85 years female patient who reports the onset of the current disease 20 years prior to the first medical consult, characterized by a progressive frontal tumor growth that was self-detected, with an aesthetical awkwardness and progressive headache. At the frontal region she had an impressive increase in volume is evidence emerging from the external cortical of the frontal bone, non-mobile consistency, adhered to deep planes. For this reason, a simple tomographic study was performed and shows a probable osteoid osteoma. The patient was taken to the operation room, performed a transverse incision in the line of implantation of the scalp, division through planes and soft tissues until reaching a bone lesion at the expense of the external table of the left frontal region, and was completely resected. The histological results of the biopsy reports an osteoid osteoma. Discussion: despite the increasing use of endoscopic procedures, open approach via coronal incision remains the gold standard for frontal sinus osteoma with lower recurrence rates. Conclusion: Osteoid osteomas are a relatively frequent benign bone tumors that have a slow growth and are usually asymptomatic, however with the past of the years can develop headache and cosmetic uncomforted.


frontal osteoma, osteoid osteoma, resection, surgical, bone tumor