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Perineal urethrostomy in cats with urethral obstruction due to iatrogenic penile trauma: Two clinical cases

Journal of Dairy, Veterinary & Animal Research
Enrique Salazar Grosskelwing<br>

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Objective: Two cases of cats with urinary obstruction due to iatrogenic complications are presented. The intention of this article is to show the application of the surgical technique of perineal urethrostomy with epidural anesthesia as a viable, accessible and safe solution.
Materials and methods: Recently published and studied surgical and anesthetic techniques were used in both cats, the material and methodological requirements are accessible to most veterinary surgeons.
Results: The application of the surgical technique immediately resolved both urinary problems after months of periuria and pain. One year after surgeries, both cats retain their normal urination habits, greatly improving their well-being.
Conclusion: The feline perineal urethrostomy provides an affordable solution to many complications of recurrent feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD). Its performance is relatively simple and cheap, epidural block is preferable to reduce pain and discomfort during recovery from anesthesia. Even though it is a safe procedure, possible complications should be taken into consideration and the recovery of urethrostomized patients should be monitored.


epidural anesthesia, FLUTD, iatrogenesis, obstructive, surgery, urethra