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Syncope as a symptom of COVID-19 infection related to maxillofacial trauma at the emergency room door

Journal of Anesthesia & Critical Care: Open Access
Kornecki Radzinski Felipe,<sup>1</sup> Noria Curbelo Maria Victoria<sup>2</sup>

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This article presents the case of an 84-year-old female patient who experienced syncope as a symptom of COVID-19 infection. The patient was admitted to the emergency room with maxillofacial trauma resulting from the syncope episode. The study highlights the importance of considering syncope as a possible indicator of COVID-19, even in the absence of typical symptoms. Collaboration between medical specialties, particularly oralmaxillofacial surgeons, is crucial for accurate diagnosis and management of such cases. This case underscores the connection between syncope, maxillofacial trauma, and COVID-19 infection, emphasizing the need for awareness and collaboration in these scenarios.


COVID-19, syncope, oral, maxillofacial surgery