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Some new relativistic charged models with anisotropic pressure

Physics & Astronomy International Journal
Manuel Malaver,<sup>1</sup> Rajan Iyer<sup>2</sup>

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In this paper, we found new classes of solutions to the Einstein-Maxwell field equations with matter anisotropic distribution incorporating a particular form of electric field intensity within the framework of general relativity. We use a metric potential or ansatz that depends on an adjustable parameter n in order to get the new solutions. We generated new models of compact stars with n =1 and n = 2 . Graphical analysis allows us to conclude that the new models satisfy all the physical characteristics for astrophysical objects and can be very useful in the study and description of compact structures. We obtained models consistent with the pulsars PSR J1311-3430 and PSR J0952–0607.


matter anisotropic distribution, general relativity, metric potential, compact stars, adjustable parameter