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Paragangliomas, strategies in transanesthetic management

Journal of Anesthesia & Critical Care: Open Access
Gema Lizbeth Jiménez Velasco,<sup>1</sup> Bryan N Rizo,<sup>2</sup> Oscar Guerrero O,<sup>3</sup> Mónica Maricela Macías Ortega<sup>4</sup>

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Paragangliomas are rare neoplasms that usually go unnoticed or are discovered due to compression of adjacent structures or due to clinical changes secondary to the production of catecholamines depending on the embryological origin of the tumor. The diagnostic approach through clinical symptoms, biochemical tests, and imaging studies is of utmost importance to identify the tumor origin, location, invasion of adjacent structures, and compromise of the vasculature; This allows staging the tumor and taking pre-surgical measures to improve the trans-surgical-anesthetic conditions that offer a reduction in morbidity and mortality as well as the risk of complications. The search was carried out in Pub Med , World Wide Since , SciELO, Redalyc, etc. (2010-2022) using different MeSH terms , including “paragangliomas”, “nasal paragangliomas”, “catecholamines”, “presurgical management”, “transoperative management”. The Last search was carried out in September 2022, where a total of 29 articles were obtained, from which the information on paragangliomas and strategies in anesthetic management was synthesized.


paragangliomas, pheochromocytomas, preoperative management, alphaadrenergic blockade, transanesthetic management