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Lymphomatoid granulomatosis with infrequent manifestations: case report

Hematology & Transfusion International Journal
Pedro Rosales Torres,<sup>1</sup> Pedro León Acosta<sup>2</sup>

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Introduction: lymphomatoid granulomatosis is a very rare disease with few reports in the medical literature. Objective: to present the case of a lymphomatoid granulomatosis that constitutes a variety of primary lymphoproliferative neoplasms of the lung and constitutes the first case reported in our hospital. Case presentation: 44-year-old male, veterinarian with a history of health without toxic habits that began with respiratory symptoms, dermatological lesions, constitutional syndrome and flaccid paraplegia. After performing the essential complementary tests which showed pancytopenia; an image suggestive of pulmonary metastasis was found in the chest X-ray, which was corroborated in the pulmonary tomography; also performing magnetic resonance imaging that showed lesion compression at the dorsal level. Pathology studies of the skin and lungs revealed lymphomatoid granulomatosis with spinal cord invasion. The patient received chemotherapy treatment and died abruptly a month after it began. Conclusions: lymphomatoid granulomatosis is a rare disease currently considered as a lymphoid neoplasm associated with Epstein-Barr virus and large B-cell lymphoma. We present the case of a patient with said pathology, accompanied by neurological injury and whose diagnosis was only possible by pathological studies; making it impossible to carry out a necropsy due to family refusal.


lymphomatoid, granulomatosis, diagnosis, treatment