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Video assisted surgery in penetrating chest trauma: clinical case

Journal of Cancer Prevention & Current Research
Ulises Parada,1 Lorena Clavijo,2 Alexandra Duffau,3 Marisol Martínez,1 Santiago Cubas1


Most thoracic traumas require only pleural drainage for their treatment. However, 10% require emergency thoracotomy due to hemodynamic instability. Video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS) is a therapeutic alternative between these two traditional approaches with advantages and precise indications. We will analyze the case of a patient submitted to thoracic video surgery by general surgery team for treatment of penetrating thoracic injury. Conclusions: Thoracic video surgery is a safe procedure in stable patients and with equipment trained in the technique. It has the benefits of the mini-invasive approach; it also allows the extraction of the penetrating object under direct vision treating air evacuation and bleeding “in situ”. In addition, it allows complete removal of the pleural cavity, avoiding future complications such as retained hemothorax and empyema.


thoracic trauma, VATS, emergency, general surgery