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Takayasu arteritis - a case report of neurological clinical manifestation in an elderly patient

Journal of Neurology & Stroke
Fabiana Gouveia,1 Sofia Dinis Ferreira,2 Cláudia Lemos,2 João Tiago Loja,1 Mónica Caldeira,1 Diogo Raposo André,1 Rafael Nascimento,1 João Miguel Freitas,1 João Gaspar,1 Duarte Dória Freitas,3 Miguel Homem Costa,1 Teresa Faria1

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Takayasu Arteritis is a chronic granulomatous inflammatory arteriopathy that affects the aorta and its main branches, leading to arterial stenosis and sometimes thrombosis, with the left subclavian artery being the most frequently involved. Clinical manifestations are insidious, nonspecific, and variable, depending on the arterial territory affected, without any pathognomonic finding. It is a rare disease, with an annual incidence of 2.6 cases per million people, being more common in Southeast Asia and affecting predominantly women, especially at reproductive age. However, it is believed that this disease is underdiagnosed, especially in the most advanced age groups.



takayasu arteritis, autoimmune diseases, neurological manifestation, vasculitis, inflammatory arteriopathy, elderly patient