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Characterization of a Mexican hot sauce (from “chile de arbol”) and changes through storage

MOJ Food Processing & Technology
Yanaina Chávez Ugalde,1 Jorge F Vélez-Ruiz1,2


Due to the importance of hot sauces as a complementary food and as non-Newtonian fluid, a characterization of this item was completed. The study was divided into three stages, firstly, four commercial sauces were analyzed on physicochemical, microbial and flow properties to have a framework of accepted products by human consumers. Subsequently, a group of twelve sauces, was prepared to determine the same and other properties influenced by formulation, and from the obtained information, a third or storage study of eight elaborated sauces was carried out, measuring the same characteristics, also influenced by formulation, sanitization treatment, temperature and storing time. Finally, three items, two studied and selected sauces were prepared in order to develop a sensorial assessment and to generate a complete vision, comparing with a commercial one, the two selected sauces resulted with better acceptation that the commercial hot sauce.


hot sauce, physicochemical properties, characterization, and stability storage