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Phytological facets of extant maidenhair: Gingko biloba Linn

Pharmacy & Pharmacology International Journal
Muhammad Rizwan Arshad,1 Tanveer Ahmed Khan,1 Muhammad Hamza Ikram2


The purpose of this review is to assess all the aspects of Ginkgo biloba L. for traditional medicines practitioners in Pakistan and abroad. It is a large tree with fan-shaped leaves. The leaves are commonly included in supplements and taken by mouth for memory problems. The ginkgo tree is thought to be one of the oldest living trees, dating back more than 200 million years. It is native to China, Japan, and Korea, but is also now grown in Europe and the United States. It seems to improve blood circulation, and might also act as an antioxidant to slow down changes in the brain.


Gingko biloba L., morphology, phytochemistry, Maidenhair, pharmacological effects