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Integration of digital lean principles and line balancing in apparel manufacturing


Purpose: The integration of digitalization into the apparel manufacturing sector has become a strategic imperative, providing companies with a unique competitive edge. This study explores the application of ITEX PMD, an Internet of Things (IoT) data collection device, and evaluates the ITEX digital line balancing program within the context of digital lean management. By leveraging real-time data tracking, big data utilization, and advanced data analysis techniques, companies aim to enhance flexibility, agility, and operational efficiency in their manufacturing processes.
Design/methodology/approach: This research delves into operational definitions for men's hoody sweatshirts, detailing the types of machines used, specifying standard task times, and elucidating the precedence relations of operations. The study utilizes ITEX PMD as a real-time production data collection device, generating periodic line reports through the associated software program.
Findings: The ITEX digital line balancing program shows promise in assisting shop floor managers to optimize sewing lines with efficiency and seamlessness, contributing to overall operational excellence. The program provides another layer of visibility into the factory, reducing non-value-added activities, and improving efficiency. The ITEX Soft algorithm facilitates an ideal assembly line layout, ensuring a balanced workload among workstations, aligned with the continuous flow principle in the sewing line.
Originality/value: This shop floor and software solution not only enhance visibility but also offer a practical means to reduce non-value-added activities, thereby improving overall efficiency. The ITEX Soft algorithm emerges as a valuable tool, contributing to a more balanced workload among workstations and optimizing assembly line layout. This study sheds light on the potential of digital lean principles in reshaping manufacturing processes and fostering operational excellence in the apparel industry.


apparel industry, lean management, digitalization, real time production monitoring, line balancing