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Self-esteem: A study on the relationship between self-esteem and factors affecting student life

Journal of Pediatrics & Neonatal Care
Dr. Swati Y Bhave,1 Meghana Pradeep,2 Jill Mota,3 Dr. Shailaja Mane,4 Dr. Latika Bhalla,5 Dr. Prashant Karia6


Objective: 1) To assess self-esteem scores in college students. 2) To study the effects of various variables on self-esteem scores.

Method: In this study by AACCI, the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale (RSES) scale was used (n = 354; age range: 17-21 yrs.; M= 18.63 yrs., SD = 1.06 yrs) self-esteem and its relationship with age, sibling status, academic course, engagement in extracurricular activities, self-perceived internet and social media usage and dependence, substance use, and self-perception of control over one’s life in an all-women’s college in North India. The data were analysed using t-tests and one-way ANOVAs.

Results: Majority (76.27%) of the group has low scores (10-24), a minority (23.73%) have moderate scores (25-35) and no (0%) participants have high scores (36-40). Low RSES scores were seen in those participating in interschool/college competitions (n=77, 28.52%) (M = 23.922, SD = 1.403) vs those who did not (n=193, 71.48%) (M = 23.378, SD = 1.383), {t (268) = 2.905, p = 0.002}. Participants who engaged in interschool/ college sports competitions (n=15, 17.86%) (M = 26.333, SD = 0.617) had significantly higher moderate scores vs those who did (n=69, 82.14%) (M = 26.855, SD = 1.061), {t (82) = 1.833, p = 0.035.} Significantly lower scores were seen in participants using social media (n=255, 94.44%) (M = 23.596, SD = 1.368) as compared to participants who did not (n=15, 5.56%) (M = 22.467, SD = 1.685), {t (268) = 3.066, p = 0.001}. Other demographic variables had no statistically significant effects (p >0.05).

Conclusion: Participation in extracurricular activities improved self-esteem in students. Social media usage significantly impacted self-esteem negatively. Most participants had low to moderate self-esteem scores. None had high scores. AACCI recommended a session of Life Skill Education with special emphasis on self-esteem.


self-esteem, extracurricular activities, social media, adolescent, young adults, maturational changes