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Esophageal burn Zargar IIIA and placement of percutaneous gastrostomy in preschool patient secondary to caustic ingestion: clinical case report and literature review

Hospice & Palliative Medicine International Journal
Guillermo Yanowsky Reyes,1,2 Beda P Terrazas Moreno,3 Jesús A Aguilar Mata,2 Sergio A Trujillo-Ponce,1,2 Rafael SantanaOrtiz1,2


The intake of caustics continues to be a frequent consultation of Pediatric Surgeons with a
high incidence in preschool and school age, with a predominance in the male sex, presenting
strong accidental association due to parental neglect, is important to initially know which
are the substances that can cause this type of lesions at the digestive tract, the characteristic
symptoms that patients may present after ingestion, imaging exams required, as well as
the appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic methods that can give resolution, to decrease
morbidity and mortality in this type of patient.


caustic, burn, esophagus, ingestion, alkali