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Pull-through, a salvage technique?

MOJ Current Research & Reviews
Rita Vale Martins, Filipe Almeida, João Ribeiro, Ricardo Rocha, Paulo Alves, Paulo Mira


The pull-through technique with deferred anastomosis was described in 1961 by Turnbull and Cutait. Although classically used for the treatment of Hirchsprung’s disease, its indications have been expanded over time, and it is currently applied for salvage surgery or as a primary option in surgery for benign or malignant pathology of the rectum in patients requiring ultra-low anastomosis. Because it represents a salvage for avoiding a permanent ostomy it is an important technique in the colorectal surgeon’s arsenal. The aim of this article is to review the technique, its indications and the results obtained with it.


pull-through, anastomotic leak, salvage surgery, rectal cancer