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Influence of different sewing parameters on seam quality

Journal of Textile Engineering & Fashion Technology
Pelin Altay,1 Özlem Tektaş Çelikkanat,2 Ayşegül Evren,2 E Dilara Koçak3


Seams which are exposed to strain during the physical movement of end user, take a significant role in textile by joining the pieces of cloth and giving final form of the garment. Seam performance and quality of a textile are critical factors affecting the final product and
end user. In this study, it was aimed to observe the effects of stitch types, stitchy density and sewing directions on seam quality of cotton sateen fabric in terms of seam strength and seam slippage and identify the optimum conditions. It was demonstrated that; 6 stitch/cm stitch density, lock stitch type and sewing at bias direction can be used for 100% cotton sateen weaved fabric in order to obtain satisfactory seam quality.


sewing parameters, seam quality, garment, textile