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Knowledge and usage of clothing labels among students in tertiary institutions

Journal of Textile Engineering & Fashion Technology
Idowu Diyaolu, Kolawole Soyebo, Maureen Abaniwu


The study assessed the knowledge and usage of clothing label among tertiary institution students in Oyo State. Specifically, it examined the knowledge of respondents about clothing label and determined the level of its usage among the respondents. The study was carried out in Oyo Local Government Area of Oyo State. Tertiary institutions in Oyo town were purposely selected for the study. One hundred and forty students were selected in each school for interview through the use of a structured questionnaire. Data were summarised with the use of descriptive tools while the hypotheses were tested using Analysis of Variance (ANOVA).

Results show that 48.6 percent were male while 51.4 percent were female, majority (90%) was single, and were students of College of Education (66.2%) in 300 level (34.8%). Both the male (46.7%) and female students (49%) had average level of knowledge about clothing label while both the male (46.2%) and female (44.3%) also had average level of usage of clothing label. Results of ANOVA indicated non-significant differences between knowledge (F = 0.005) and usage (F = 0.001) of clothing labels among male and female respondents of tertiary institutions. Therefore, there is the need to educate the respondents on the importance of the use of clothing labels by the textile experts and manufacturers in order to avoid untimely damage of their clothing and reduced cost of frequent procurement as a result of careless use.


fabri care, clothing labels, knowledge, students, usage