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Obesity and falls injuries risk: Is there a relevant connection in older adults? 


Obesity, which is on the rise, is a risk factor for, as well as a possible negative outcome mediator of multiple health issues, including bone mineral losses, cardiovascular impairments, and falls injuries and fractures among many in the older adult population and others. This brief examines what we know about obesity and falls injuries as applied to the older adult, a topic that is arguably of high import, but not always stressed in the obesity literature. Using the PUBMED and GOOGLE SCHOLAR data bases relevant data on this topic were sought. These data bases show that it is possible some older adults who exhibit excess body mass indicators may be prone to falling and sustaining injuries that may reinforce their tendency towards debility or increase this. Even if not applicable to all older adults, advocating for optimal body weight, and regular physical activity bouts across the lifespan may prove helpful in abating the disability observed due to the presence of an obesity state plus any associated single or multiple injurious falls in later life.


falls, falls injuries, fractures, obesity, older adults, overweight, prevention