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Revolutionizing toxicology: organ-on-a-chip insights in a snapshot


Organ-on-chip (OOC) platforms aim to emulate the complex physiological and functional characteristics of human organs, offering a more accurate and predictive model for drug testing and toxicity studies compared to traditional in vitro and animal testing methods. The article discusses key advancements, challenges, and prospects of OOC technology in toxicology, drawing upon a variety of studies and references. The article encapsulates key advancements, applications, and prospects in OOC platforms. The review emphasizes the significance of OOC models in providing rapid yet comprehensive insights into drug responses, toxicity assessments, and disease modelling. By highlighting pioneering studies and breakthroughs, and navigating the evolving landscape of OOC technology in toxicological research.


organ-on-chip, heart-on-chip, liver-on-chip, artificial intelligence, toxicology