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POSTCOVID-19 WAR era, remarkable accelerated hemato-immunologic processes affecting patients disease progression toward excess mortality


Background: The speed of the COVID-19 pandemic, and its potential threat to society, achieved through strange global collaborations and innovation between clinical specialties, different elite research organizations, academic institutions, and governments, recently. Cancer clinical trials have developed into a diverse and sophisticated array of designs suited to differing purposes especially focused on excess accelerated mortality rates between patients. Understanding the mechanism of bidirectional interaction between different angles of the death triangle is a lifesaving novel idea that I conceived from 2018. On one hand, platelet dysfunction after certain pharmaco-toxicological approaches in diabetes, and cancer patients; and on the other hand intervention of different COVID-19 variants, mutating each month, caused (hypothetically) remarkable acceleration of introduced angels of death triangle machinery. A considerable concern is modification of medical sciences using AI-related data processing and manipulations into substantial changes of background information presentation. Discussion: Different study groups describe how different microorganisms might be involved in accelerated mortality and morbidity rate among diabetes and cancer patients, in this postcovid-19 era. There are different theories about cancerogenic processes and associated accelerating factors. Simultaneously, restrictions by certain main Policymakers made mission impossible to tackle excess accelerated increase in mortality and morbidity rates, between2021-2024. How death receptors become activated and could accelerate harmful processes is not completely elucidated yet. Based on recent studies diabetic and cancerogenic processes can initiate susceptibility to getting infected, however. Lack of a golden standard protocol to prevent blood transfusion-based infection and Transplantationbased transfections, also brought certain (re-)actions of Basic Scientists entirely in a cloudy atmosphere, where more questions than answers appeared to need being answered from 2019. In this paper is tried to highlight more about consequent (re-)action and (ab)using diagnostics that can support using a certain type of therapeutics, which they might cause excess accelerated mortality rates, in these cloudy uncertain post-Covid-19 era.


survival, human, obesity, diabetes, cause-effect, postcovid-19 era, diagnostic, chronic diseases, ageing-related diseases, death triangle machinery, platelets