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Analysis of the standard of the best interest of children and adolescents and its application in sentences for femicide crimes in Michoacán

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In the present investigation, an analysis was carried out to assess the application of the standard of best interest of girls, boys and adolescents in the state of Michoacán, Mexico in order to identify the aspects that should be taken into account when attending to a case in the which a boy, girl or adolescent is left without the protection of their mother, that is, orphaned by feminicide, so under a methodology of legal analysis the figure of the best interest of the child and 20 twenty sentences of feminicide cases were studied. as a sample that helped in the study with the purpose of obtaining elements that help the judges so that more attention is paid to the cases of girls, boys and adolescents in conditions of orphanhood due to feminicide, which will benefit having a more responsible sentence, fair and protective of their human rights.


feminicide, legal analysis, gender crimes, violence, legal conflicts