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Retrospective evaluation of patients diagnosed with Primary Hyperaldosteronism


Primary hyperaldosteronism (PA), despite being a common disease, is grossly underdiagnosed and undertreated. Though in primary care prevalence of PA is 4–6% in patients with hypertension, it is much higher in specialized hypertensive clinics, especially in resistant hypertension (RH). PA is associated with higher morbidity rates than matched essential hypertension patients. PA is classified as unilateral and bilateral disease, with adrenalectomy considered for unilateral disease and medical management with mineralocorticoid receptor antagonists (MRA) for bilateral disease. There is gross underdiagnosis of PA across the world with very limited literature on PA from India. We wanted to retrospectively evaluate the profile of patients diagnosed with PA from case records, in outpatient settings in a tertiary care hospital. Primary outcomes of the study will be to evaluate the presenting features of PA patients. This includes clinical, biochemical, radiological aspects in different subgroups like unilateral vs bilateral disease, diabetes/ prediabetes vs non-diabetes, and chronic kidney disease (CKD) vs no significant CKD. We also want to evaluate the treatment preferences (both surgical and medical) and follow-up data (for treatment outcomes / effectiveness if relevant records were available). Our main objective is to highlight the current state of PA presentation and management so that we can develop a pragmatic diagnostic approach to improve screening, case detection and empiric management of PA.


diabetes, biochemical