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Psychological consequences in child sexual abuse

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Psychological studies carried out in the city of Tarija, through psychological expertise on victims of child sexual abuse, show that it is a phenomenon that is always accompanied by psychological discomfort. The objective was to identify the psychological consequences of sexual abuse in a groupof 39 childrenand adolescents of both sexes, victims of this crime, who filed a criminal complaint and were victimologically evaluated through psychological forensic expertise in the period of time from 2002 to 2012, using three variables: intellectual level, personality and affective-emotional aspects, for which used the expertise supported by the judicial investigation processes. The results showed that sexual violation implies interference in the evolutionary development of the child.Their traumatic experiences are usually livedas an attack on his integrity, an attack on his body, his psychological state, his sexuality, his integrity, where his integrity, his dignity and freedom are affected to a variable degree. Immediate attention to the victim and her family being a public responsibility


victim, child sexual abuse, psychological consequences, symptoms