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Trichoderma spp.: characteristics and applications

Journal of Applied Biotechnology & Bioengineering
Gonzalez Basso Valeria,1 Di Barbaro Gabriela,1 Ribero Gustavo2,3


Trichoderma is the genus of a cosmopolitan fungus, common in different types of environments or agroecosystems. It has different properties that give it beneficial qualities and functions, which is why it is given different uses, for example, as a biocontrol agent, through induced or direct systemic resistance, as a plant growth stimulant, improving the absorption of water and nutrients and producing phytohormones, as a bioremediator, among others. The objective of this work was to compile knowledge of the characteristics of the genre Trichoderma and the different applications it can have.


antagonist, biocontroller, growth stimulant