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Magnetic knee brace for treatment of knee synovitis: design and simulation

MOJ Sports Medicine
Leonardo Mesa Torres,1 Yamilia Ramirez Salinas2


In the last few years, many researchers have been investigating the theoretical and experimental aspects of the of the use of the electromagnetic field and its effects on living organisms, and this is evidenced by the number of scientific papers published in different journals; however, there are no reports of a therapy that combines the use of the magnetostatic field (permanent magnets) and cryotherapy for the treatment of knee synovitis. The objective of this work lies in the design and simulation of a magnetic knee brace, with permanent magnets, for the treatment of SRP. It is concluded that magnetic induction generated by the configuration of the knee brace is feasible for this pathology and with cryotherapy it has high analgesic and anti-inflammatory effectiveness, since it relieves pain and inflammation caused by knee injuries (arthritis, osteoarthritis, SRP); and accelerates the rehabilitation time of athletes/physical exercise practitioners, with respect to conventional treatment; which has a direct impact on the patient’s quality of life, mainly in the work, social and economic spheres.


magnetotherapy, ELF-EMF, knee synoviti