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Bio kinematic study of the spike in school badminton players from Villa Clara

MOJ Applied Bionics and Biomechanics
Jenrry Luis Vegas Mena,1 Luis Alberto González Duarte,2 Juan Manuel Perdomo Ogando3


The work analyzes the spike technique in school badminton players from Villa Clara, considering the influence of basic motor skills, the phases and justification of the spike technique, as well as the influence of the main physical abilities to determine the progression of the exercises for improvement. The research has been structured in three parts, the objectives and methods applied are distributed, the entire training process was observed and surveys were applied to the population of coaches of this sport in the municipality of Santa Clara, to obtain information on teaching and training practice in these categories. A workshop was also held with three other coaches who are intentionally selected for their experience and sports results. For the study we rely on the theories of Karl Hainaut and Moral and Rodríguez to analyze the kinematics of the spike movement and the action of its main muscle planes; fundamental technical movement in this sport. The exercises selected for technical improvement, allow providing a more objective and variable training according to the criteria of the consulted specialists.


phases, technical structure of spikes, exercises