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Experiments on watering citrus fruits with a wire supplied drone using RTK-GNSS

International Robotics & Automation Journal
Masafumi Miwa,<sup>1</sup> Satoshi Hishida,<sup>2</sup> Keiichi Nishikawa,<sup>3</sup> Masataka Shiromaru<sup>4</sup>

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In Japanese agriculture, pesticide-spraying drones are becoming more widespread, with the aim of saving labor in pesticide spraying. The size of aircraft has been increasing, and large aircraft capable of spraying 30 liters of chemicals in about 15 minutes have been developed. In orchards, there is a need to spray even larger quantities of chemicals over a longer period. We have developed a large drone that is wired for power and water to enable it to operate for long periods of time. The effectiveness of the system was verified through actual flight tests on citrus fruit.


RTK-GNSS, watering drone