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Rethinking Schizophrenia in the field of primary care. Analysis of the movie “A Thread of Hope” (Out of Darkness), starring Diana Ross (1994)

MOJ Public Health
Manuel Torres Fernández

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Schizophrenia has traditionally been considered a serious and chronic mental illness, of a degenerative nature that ultimately leads to dementia. However, for a few decades now, malignancy’s prognosis has been questioned, and we can see this eloquently in films such as A Beautiful Mind (2001), in which the mathematician John Nash recovers from his paranoid schizophrenia after thirty years of suffering from serious delusions, prominent hallucinations and intellectual disorders with the final achievement of the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1994 and in the film object of our analysis a medical student who, after 18 years of suffering from the same disease, is cured without sequelae through the administration of an experimental treatment, in this case clozapine. The purpose of our communication is to analyze the possibilities that the formulation of the General Health Law since 1986 has for the family doctor in Spain, which decreed the closure of the old asylums and the care of patients with mental health problems in their socio-familial environment and with the same
rights as patients of other specialties, regarding the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of these pathologies.


schizophrenia, delusions, hallucinations mental health, psychiatric reform