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Sustainability of Theobroma cacao L. production systems in the municipality of Algeciras, Huila, Colombia

MOJ Biology and Medicine
Alexandra Cerón Endo,1 Laura Constanza Rojas Basto2

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This research study evaluated the sustainability of cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) production systems in the municipality of Algeciras, Huila, under two production models, organic and conventional. The research was carried out with farmers from the Algeciras Producers’ Association APROCALG. With the information obtained in the interviews, a group of indicators was designed, classified in three dimensions: ecological, economic and social, in order to identify the sustainability of the production systems from an integral vision. The results showed that both production systems have similarities, since the cultural practices carried out by the farmers are the same; however, the difference is determined by the use of synthetic fertilizers and, in some cases, the use of insecticides to control pests and diseases present in the agroforestry system.


Agroforestry system, agroecology, sustainability, Theobroma cacao L