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A facial deformity treated, non-surgically - A case report

Journal of Dermatology & Cosmetology
Vasireddy Teja,<sup>1</sup> Kokila Banerjee,<sup>2</sup> Rucha Karad,<sup>1</sup> Hardik Patel,<sup>1</sup> Boudhayan Bhattacharjee,<sup>1</sup> Soumendra Nath Haldar,<sup>3</sup> Subhendu Roy,<sup>4</sup> Bibhuti Saha<sup>5</sup>

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Facial deformities are a major cause of loss of self-esteem in patients. Treatment usually involves surgical correction. Medical treatment is rarely possible if the cause is infective and curable with oral medication. We report a case of Conidiobolomycosis in a 43 years old agriculturist from rural part of Eastern India who presented with a significant facial deformity and incessant sneezing and nasal discharge. His biopsy revealed the fungus which resolved with oral medications.


nasal discharge, facial deformities, hyperplasia, facial bones