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The effect of recycled fiber content on performance/quality properties of swimwear fabrics

Journal of Textile Engineering & Fashion Technology
E Dilara Koçak,<sup>1</sup> Melisa Suha Aksaman,<sup>2 </sup>Melike Ateş,<sup>2</sup> Zeynep Ünver<sup>2</sup>

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Due to the decrease in natural resources all over the world and the increase in global CO2 emissions, which make the biggest contribution to global warming and climate change, the use of recycled materials has gained great importance in the textile industry, as in other application areas.
Reducing the use of new raw materials and producing products from old raw materials not only minimizes environmental impacts such as lower CO2 emissions during the landfilling, reduced consumption of natural resources, reduced waste disposal, but also reduces costs and provides a longer product life. This study investigates the effect of recycled polyester fiber on the performance/quality properties of swimwear fabrics. Swimwear fabric samples were produced from 100% recycled polyester, 50% recycled polyester/50% polyamide, 100% polyester and 100% polyamide, and tested in terms of bursting strength, seam strength, abrasion resistance, air permeability and color fastness properties.


swimwear, synthetic fibers, recycled fibers, recycled polyester