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Physical exercise in health promotion among individuals with type 2 diabetes

Journal of Diabetes, Metabolic Disorders & Control
Daniela Lages Domingues, Rosa Sandra Barbeitos Reis, Paula Regina Dias Ferreira, Susana Gabriela Costa Vilar Abreu, Célia Maria López Perez, Marlene Neiva


Introduction: Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is a global public health issue, with Type 2 DM being most prevalent, in which physical exercise may be the key to control and manage the disease, while Community Nurses have an active role in the prevention and management of this condition. Nurses Specialized in Rehabilitation have the skills, scientific knowledge and autonomy to prescribe physical exercise. Objective: To ascertain the effectiveness of physical exercise in the promotion of health among individuals with Type 2 DM, as well as the role of rehabilitation nurses as promoters of physical exercise among individuals with Type 2 DM within the community. Methods: Bibliographic research resorting to the PUBMED and BVS Nursing databases. Results: The 4 studies included met the eligibility and methodological quality criteria established for this study. The benefits of physical exercise in individuals with Type 2 DM are extremely relevant to control cardiovascular risk factors, particularly in terms of lowering blood glucose values, leading to increased quality of life, thus representing a strategy to reduce health costs in this particular disease management. Conclusion: Physical exercise emerges as a pilar in the prevention, control and treatment of Type 2 DM, being beneficial from physiological and economic standpoints for patients, families and populations in general, with special focus on the role of Nurses Specialized in Rehabilitation within the community.


type 2 diabetes mellitus, physical exercise, promotion of health, rehabilitation nursing, community