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Uses of invasive alien plant species of chandaka-dampada wildlife sanctuary: a management implication


A reconnaissance survey was conducted on the uses and role of invasive alien species (IAS) to local livelihoods in the Chandaka Wildlife Sanctuary (CWS) located in Khurdha and cuttack district of Odisha, India. Vegetation of the sanctuary was sampled in 100 quadrates, each having 20 m×20 m through a combination of random and systematic sampling. Group discussions were also arranged with one hundred twenty local inhabitants (10 % of the total inhabitants) to document the various uses of IAS. A total of 18 alien plant species belonging to 8 different families, of which Asteraceae constitutes the highest number (7 species), include herb (5 species), shrub (1 species) and climber (1 species). The majority of the identified species were found to be used for medicine, followed by human food, fodder, insecticidal and ornamental purposes. It is true that the alien species have some negative impacts on local ecosystems, and not all of them are harmful. Therefore, assessment and careful documentation on utilization of invasive alien plant species of the sanctuary in terms of economic and social benefit to the local community can provide a possible and effective tool for management of IAS. 


Chandaka Wildlife Sanctuary (CWS), ecosystem, invasion, Invasive Alien Species (IAS), Management