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School teacher as mediator

Sociology International Journal
Ketevan Beridze,1 Rusudan Ketchakmadze,2 Davit Katamadze,3 Shorena Meskhidze4 

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Mediation is an effective form of conflict resolution through a constructive, systematic process that focuses on the interests of the parties involved. The purpose of this article is to define the role of mediation in an educational institution (school) and to highlight its importance in the activities of the school teacher. In particular, we talk about the basic Volume 8 Issue 2 - 2024 Ketevan Beridze,1 Rusudan Ketchakmadze,2 Davit Katamadze,3 Shorena Meskhidze4 principles of the mediation process, which lead to the ethical, consistent course of the process and the final success - finding a way to resolve the conflict that is optimal for all parties. The article also discusses the circumstances that require the teacher to act as a mediator and the mediation models that the teacher can use depending on the current situation. This article describes the stages that the mediation process involves in educational institutions and emphasizes the need to work on the normalization of relationships after post-conflict stress.


mediation, mediator, school teacher as mediator