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Features injuries handball players 18-20 years old in competition

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Handball is a game sport that combines a high level of physical psychological preparedness and technical and tactical skill. The first great successes come to players after 1-12 years of systematic preparation. The most talented young handball players from youth begin to move to the teams of men’s clubs, and then join the ranks of the national team, while others, having received injuries, say goodbye to handball. The purpose of the study is to determine the nature of injuries to handball players aged 18-20 years, to identify the main types of injuries to handball players of different ages and playing positions. The data obtained suggest insufficient physical and technical-tactical readiness of handball players under 20 years old for the intense conditions of major international competitions. In turn, this makes it possible to develop effective means of preventing injuries in the early stages of long-term training.


handball players, localization of injuries, the nature of injuries, the time of injury, injuries of players of different positions