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The importance of portable ultrasound in neck fat assessment and treatment

Journal of Dermatology & Cosmetology
Roney Gonçalves Fechine Feitosa, Juan Carlos Montano Pedroso, Miguel Sabino Neto

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Obesity can lead to excessive neck fat, affecting aesthetics and respiratory function. Accurate assessment of fat location is crucial for treatment selection. Portable ultrasound offers real-time, dynamic imaging of the submental region, allowing for precise evaluation of the fat deposit and underlying muscle. High-frequency linear array transducers with frequencies ranging from 7 to 15 MHz are typically used. If the majority of the fat deposit is above the platysma muscle, liposuction may be recommended. Deep neck surgery may be necessary if the fat deposit is below the muscle. Portable ultrasound offers numerous benefits, including real-time imaging, non-invasiveness, absence of radiation exposure, and office setting availability. It can also monitor treatment progress and effectiveness. Accurate assessment of neck fat anatomy is vital for choosing the right treatment approach, and portable ultrasound is an essential tool in achieving optimal cosmetic and functional outcomes.


neck fat, ultrasound, radiation, surgery