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Complications of intravenous therapy in the context of sports: a literature review and strategies for prevention and treatment

MOJ Sports Medicine
González Álvarez Yudi Alexandra, Yunda Morales Andrea del Pilar


Objective: To conduct a literature review on complications related to intravenous therapy in the context of physical activity and sports, as well as to identify the most effective interventions for their prevention and treatment. Methodology: UMB, PubMed, Scopus, Scielo, and NCBI databases were searched with the terms “venous infiltration,” “intravenous inflammation,” “physical therapy,” “extravasation,” without language restrictions, and published in the last 10 years. Results: The review found a limited amount of literature available on this topic. However, different risk factors and complications associated with the use of peripheral venous catheters were identified, including infiltration, extravasation, and obstruction. The role of sports professionals in the prevention and treatment of these complications through the application of techniques such as massage, warm-up, exercise, and elevation is highlighted. Discussion: There are various methodologies that report significant results in improving adverse events caused by venous infiltration. Conclusions: It is important to continue researching in this field to provide a solid scientific basis for the prevention and treatment of complications associated with intravenous therapy in the context of sports.


intravenous therapy, physical activity, sport, peripheral venous catheter, extravasation