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Consequence of neglecting an epididymal hematoma

MOJ Clinical & Medical Case Reports
Fouimtizi Jaafar, Babty Mouftah, Maachi Youssef, Rhayour Anass, Slaoui Amine, Karmouni Tariq, El Khader Khalid, Koutani Abdellatif, Iben Attya Ahmed


Thanks to the mobility of the testes in the scrotum, the cremasteric reflex and the tunica albuginea,1,2 the scrotal trauma accounts only for less than 1% of all trauma-related injuries and 10% of cases of abdominal trauma.3,4 But despite its low incidence, this type of trauma, if poorly treated, can lead to significant after-effects, especially the epididymis, which is even less affected than the testicle. In the context of forceful trauma, isolated epididymal injury without accompanying scrotal or testicular injury is quite uncommon. Here we report a case of a neglected epididymal hematoma following a motorcycle accident which end up with a necrotic testicle.


epididymal hematoma, conservative approach, orchidectomy, ultrasound