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Construction of environmental knowledge by applying project-based learning with students from the El Corazón educational institution

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Currently it is possible to affirm that the work of a professor is not easy, a reason that should lead us to value our work, but being a professor is not just a job, it is a vocation, a profession and an art, a vocation that has no meaning in it. that one must be aware that the work of a teacher contributes to the training of two students on a physical, mental, intellectual, social and cultural level; A profession that has its own knowledge of a specific area of knowledge, strategies, teaching methods and art, once one must be very creative to teach, motivate different people who have different expectations, with different styles and rhythms of learning, Therefore, we must “think not as an artistic gesture” opening spaces for the cultural, linguistic, cognitive, social, artistic dimension in the development and training of students, reinforcing their knowledge, emancipating their motivations and supporting their dreams. For all the reasons mentioned above, this research aims to build environmental knowledge through the application of project-based learning (PBL) with students of the El Corazón Educational Institute, in which it was verified that this type of learning provides strategies for the identification and solution of problems , creates competencies of knowledge of discipline, development of critical thinking, autonomous learning, integration between student-teacher and, above all, the ability to integrate acquired knowledge into everyday life.


project-based learning, natural sciences, education, pollution, community